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5 Christmas Gifts for Your Fitness Friends & Family

5 Christmas Gifts for the Fitness Friends & Family

Do you have somebody in your life who is obsessed with fitness? Is a dear family member someone who works out in the home gym or garage gym?     

We all have that person in our life who is way into working out, and we never know what gift to get them! This blog will give you five Christmas gift ideas for the fitness-minded family members and friends!

Plyo Box

“What the heck is a plyo box?” you ask? If you’ve watched any sort of fitness competition or gone into a gym, you’ve seen these boxes without knowing what to call them.     

Plyo boxes are either wood or foam boxes people use for various exercises, but mostly for box jumps. Most plyo boxes are built to be flipped and turned to create different jump heights. For instance, this Fray Fitness plyo box can be flipped to be either 16 inches, 20 inches, or 24 inches.     

Plyo boxes are awesome for exercising. Not only are box jumps incredibly tough and great for any cardio workout, you can also use them for scaling handstand push-ups, dips, and pistols.     

For years, plyo boxes were primarily made of wood, but after many scraped and cut shins, falls, and goofy landings, we started making foam plyo boxes. Foam plyo boxes are safer and better for injuries than wood. While they have a slightly higher price, they are the better gift for someone’s home gym or garage gym.

Battle Rope

Before you go out and buy a battle rope for the fitness-minded friend and family member, make sure they are into INTENSE workouts! Battle ropes will absolutely blow you up and are incredibly tough. However, most fitness-obsessed home gym-ers would love to have a battle rope even if they don’t buy one themselves.     

Battle ropes typically can be attached or wrapped around a weightlifting rig or rack, so make sure they have one before buying a battle rope. You can also get a nylon battle rope for more durability and comfort (even though battle rope exercises are never comfortable).

Plate Storage

This one is simple. Us home gym and garage gym builders are almost always lacking in space for equipment. Think about it - we’re trying to mimic an entire gym in a, maybe, 15’x15’ area. Space is at a premium, so any creative storage is necessary.     

For your friend or family member, you could get either barbell storage or plate storage. However, most garage gyms only have 1 or 2 people using it, so we would advise this plate and bar combo piece. Instead of separate storage for their barbells and another piece of storage for all of their plates, this storage tree allows us to store it all in one place on one piece!

Digital Timer

One of the most important aspects of metabolic conditioning is timing your workouts. Many of us will re-test a workout at a later date and measure our improvement but how much faster we finished a workout or how many more reps we finished in a set time.     

Most garage gym and home gym users don’t want to splurge on a fun digital timer, and will instead use an app on their phone. While a phone app is perfectly useful and fine, a digital timer is definitely a dream and goal for all serious home gym users.     

The digital timer with a remote makes it much easier to track how deep into a workout we are, how much time is left, and keeping our pace. When using a phone app, you almost have to stop working out to check the remaining time.  

Wall Ball

Trust us - the home gym user would love this gift even if they won’t buy it for themselves!

A wall ball is an exercise movement where an athlete will hold a medicine ball in a goblet style hold, drop for a squat, and as he or she stands back up they throw the ball to a marked spot on the wall. It’s a wonderful cardio exercise and has become a staple in many metabolic conditioning pieces.     

Due to the popularity of the exercise, the particular style of medicine ball has been dubbed a wall ball. So it’s both an exercise and a piece of equipment. Wall balls are like medicine balls, in that they are heavy, thick exercise balls of varying weights. The difference is wall balls are made of a soft material, allowing them to be thrown, tossed, and dropped without “thud” or bounce. Standard wall balls range in weight from 10 pounds up to 30 pounds, but we’ve seen some both lighter and heavier.     

Your fitness-minded friend or family member will be forever thankful for this piece of equipment, as it’s a versatile addition to any workout. It can be used not just the wall ball movement, but for ab workouts, squat workouts, and core workouts.        

In the end, no matter what gift you get your fitness-crazed loved one, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Fray Fitness has everything you need - feel free to reach out to ask questions about any of our equipment and if it would be a good gift!