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5 Fitness Stocking Stuffers

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5 Fitness Stocking Stuffers

Five Fitness Stocking Stuffers

We often think about fitness and exercise Christmas gifts as big, bulky, heavy items that are hard to wrap and hide! I mean, imagine trying to wrap a squat rack!

But if you have friends or family who have a home gym or garage gym, there are some key gifts you can give as a stocking stuffer. They will love these!

1. Lockjaw Collars

Fray Fitness clamp collars

If the person you're gifting for has a barbell and lifts weights in his/her garage or home gym, they probably already have some sort of clip to keep the platers from sliding off the barbell.

However, every single lifter would rather have a solid pair of clamp collars than spring collars. Clamp collars, or lockjaw collars, are the best and easiest to use! Speaking for myself - I felt very "official" when I received my lockjaw collars.

And at Fray Fitness, a pair of lockjaw clamp collars are only $10.95!

2. Resistance Bands

Fray Fitness resistance bands

Resistance bands are so flexible, both literally and exercise-ly. They can be used to assist with pull-ups, but also for stretching, strength movements, and high intensity cardio workouts. Have you ever tried Insanity? You know how crazy workouts can get with resistance bands. 

For lifters, you can even wrap these around your rack and stretch various muscle groups in your warm-up! Just search the internet for resistance band stretches for hip flexors, quads, shoulders, and more!

3. Jump Ropes

Fray Fitness jump ropes

The classic jump rope is classic for a reason - you can do a lot with it. Well, really, you can only do one thing - jump ropes. However, the movement fits into any cardio workout both as a core cardio portion or a substitute for running if it's raining outside. 

Most people with a home gym or garage gym will work on single-unders and double-unders, with the latter being very popular in the high intensity world of fitness. Our Fray Fitness jump ropes are only $10.85, so you can gift your friends or family the best quality jump rope around for a few bucks!

4. Wrist Wraps

Fray Fitness wrist wraps

Wrist wraps are another great gift for your friends or family who do weightlifting in their garage gym or home gym! If you know someone who does Olympic lifting, they have no doubt tried wrist wraps before. They help with wrist stability and pain during the snatch and clean & jerk. Both lifts put substantial stress on your wrists, and wrist wraps help keep the wrists strong and supported. 

At $9.95, our wrist wraps are another great Christmas fitness stocking stuffer for a few dollars!

5. Suspension Bodyweight Resistance Training Set

Fray Fitness bodyweight training set

You might have to get creative with fitting this one into a stocking! If you have a small stocking, this is probably a no-go, but most people have big time stockings! 

This resistance training set is very popular in home and garage gyms, especially if someone isn't planning on adding a weightlifting rack. Resistance training sets rely on your bodyweight to get the work done, and it's portable! All you need is a quality door frame and door, and you can start these intense workouts! 

Bonus - Protein Shaker Ball Cup

Fray Fitness protein shaker ball cup

Anyone who has become super serious about working out and weightlifting has used a protein shaker! And we all lose them or leave them in our bags to where they get disgusting! You can never have enough protein shakers, so toss one into your shopping cart with the other stocking stuffers - it's only $1.95! Try finding one at that price at a retail store!

In the end, your gifts for your friends and family are all about the "thought that counts." We hope these 5 stocking stuffers help you this Christmas season and beyond!