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Building a Home Gym Under $600

Building Your Home Gym for Under $600

Who doesn’t dream about a personal home gym? Whether you have a busy work schedule or feel intimidated by the gym culture, a home gym is an ideal workout space for many. Luckily these days, home gyms are not so difficult to build, but more popular due to their convenience and inexpensiveness. With Fray Fitness, you can start your own home gym for the average price of the year gym membership! Here is where you start!

Floor Mats

First, start with purchasing floor mats. The floor mats will not only help you to keep your inside surfaces protected from scratches and cracks but also increase your stability and reduce body impact.

Typically you have to choose from either foam or rubber mats. Foam mats are more affordable and lighter than rubber mats, but cannot withstand the consistently dropped weight loads that rubber mats can. Foam mats are ideal for bodyweight workouts, yoga, pilates, and other light conditioning exercises. Floor mats are some of the first and most necessary things you can purchase for your home gym.

It helps to isolate some of the sounds, protect surfaces, and most importantly help your exercise experience.

Barbell and Plates

If you are serious about weightlifting, a barbell and plates will be the next thing on your shopping list. They are essential for building stronger muscles. Some of the popular exercises you can perform with a barbell are squats, deadlifts, power cleans, and lunges. The list of exercises doesn’t really stop there. So far, with these three pieces of equipment, you can begin a great exercise routine.

The Fray Fitness bars are the strongest and have the best value on the market today. The barbells range from a weight load of 700 LB to 2000 LB of which multiple of them offer premium ceramic coating specifically for heavy-duty lifting. You can start with purchasing a bar that holds 700 LB which can be more than enough for even a skilled weightlifter!

When it comes to plates, you have many choices for your home gym. The most popular option for most garage gyms and home gyms is bumper plates. The bumper plates are made for dropping from as high as overhead. Keep in mind, rubber plates and bumper plates are not the same things. When referencing rubber plates, people usually mean steel plates coated with either rubber or urethane.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is still one of the best cardio and warmup exercises. A human burns 200 to 300 calories in a 15-minute jump rope workout. This cardio exercise is a full-body workout. It tones your calves, tightens your core, and builds your endurance. The most important quality of jump rope is that you can’t beat the price!


Kettlebells are great for core strength and balance. You can use them for some of the popular exercises such as Russian kettlebell swing, kettlebell goblet squat, kettlebell lunge press, and many other exercises. The possibilities are unlimited! Do you feel like you can take on another home project? We promise you this one is more fun than a usual project. With your home gym, you won’t be able to come up with any excuses to not exercise! With your personal gym, you can make it a lifestyle, not just a resolution.