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This Fray rack is rock solid. It has weight storage pegs as well as resistance band pegs and solid pull-up handles. This is constructed of 3" x 3" steel and 11 gauge thickness. This can withstand well over 1000 pounds capacity. 


  • Product weight: 496 lbs
  • Overall height: 91" 
  • Width: 42" 
  • Depth: 34" 
  • Total footprint: 66" x 67"
  • Compatible with: Dip with Laser Cutouts

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 based on 1 Customer Reviews  
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   Built to last!, June 24, 2021  By Ryan (Saint Anne, IL)
Fray is fantastic!

Delivery & Packaging: expect a very large crate delivery. the unit is disassembled by piece and each piece is individually wrapped. Which is a pain but soooo worth the effort as it prevent dings/dents and scratches.

Assembly: fairly easy, I assembled alone and just by looking at the picture online. you'll have 8 metal triangular pieces. These go to the top of your vertical bars and connect pull up bar and back horizontal bar but also bolt through your verticals, this part is tough without a second pair of hands but can be done alone. your verticals are al not the same. 2 will have an additional bolt hole and those are your fronts (3x3 holes) back are (2x3 holes). i would recommend doing the top bars that attach the front to back last as they easily slide into position from above once the front and rear is already assembled. tighten all bolts LAST, not as you go. (speaking for a friend, not me...)

Functionality & Use: super impressed. On the unit itself: Flat bench/incline/decline, shoulder/military press, all versions of squat and deadlift. I don't have enough weights to even get a wobble out of this thing and we loaded up 600+ lbs on a bar just to see. THING DID NOT MOVE. I like the pull up bar & grip options and resistance band options are cool but I'm super pumped about the dual landmine attachments at the bottom. If you like versatility in a landmine exercise get this unit. the attachment has a 360 swivel so you can move to different angles, do hack squats, lunges, etc that you cannot do with stationary landmines that only go up & down. Has opened up a new world and I'm looking into T-bar slide on adapters and things to really get versatility out of the landmine.

FHD2 Power Rack w/ Dual Landmines

Price Range:   $1,495.00
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