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Fray Crumb Bumper Plate
Fray Crumb Bumper Plates

The Fray crumb rubber bumpers are reliable and durable as well as providing a very attractive look. The crumb rubber bumper plates are the newest and best evolution of bumpers. Constructed with steel inserts that are designed to last. 

Detailed Description

They are made to take abuse and have had great success in all kinds of settings including commercial, cross-training, and home gyms.  


Sets consist of:

-1000 Pound Set: 45 x 10, 35 x 6, 25 x 6, 15 x 6, and 10 x 10

-260 Set: 2 each of 10,15,25,35 and 45

-230 Set: 2 each of 10,25,35 and 45

-160 set: 2 each of 10,25 and 45

-18-month warranty on 25,35,45,55 sizes

-6-month warranty on 10 and 15 sizes

1000lb Fray Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Set$1,860.00
160lb Fray Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Set$299.00
230lb Fray Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Set$448.00
260lb Fray Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Set$498.00
Fray Crumb Bumper Plate - 10lb$30.95
Fray Crumb Bumper Plate - 15lb$33.11
Fray Crumb Bumper Plate - 25lb$49.90
Fray Crumb Bumper Plate - 35lb$68.90
Fray Crumb Bumper Plate - 55lb$139.00
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Review On May 12, 2021 by Rich of Sacramento, CA(Verified)
Title: Crumb Bumper Plates
Comments: Absolutely love these weight plates, excellent quality, looks great, feels great. These are a must have addition to your home gym.

Review On May 11, 2021 by Jmiah of Alma, AR
Title: Great Quality, even better Customer Service!
Comments: Ordered a set of these and there was a blemish on one of them. Nothing structural, just some of the snazzy yellow printing was not the way it should have been. Contacted Customer Service and after verifying with a photo, they offered to send me a replacement FOR FREE! I can live with printing issues as long as the plate is up to par so I was offered a coupon for future purchase. I guess it's time for me to pick up a set of 45's!!
This is the best customer service I've seen in a very long time!

Review On Mar 24, 2021 by Roman of SAN ANTONIO, TX(Verified)
Title: Awesome
Comments: I am so happy with the quality and look of the product. My favorite part is the smell of brand new weights, it's like a new pair of shoes. I have shared it with my friends on social media and everyone is jealous. Thank you for taking so much pride in your product. I am definitely going to buy more weights when needed.

Review On Mar 17, 2021 by Matthew of Albany, WI
Title: Awesome bumpers
Comments: I love these bumpers for my Olympic lifting!! I purchased the 260# set and they are my favorite plates!! The performance is amazing I can drop these from over head with minimal bounce and they have held up with no issues. I use these with my Fray barbell and absolutely love this combo over many more expensive options. If these came in kilograms I would buy a second set.

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