FSM4 Linear Bearing Smith Machine (650 LB Capacity)

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This Fray Fitness Smith Machine is an incredible value. This is easily the most cost efficient smith in it's class.  You can perform bench or military presses, squats, calf raises, dips, and more. You can effectively hit nearly every body part you have. An excellent way to perform safe movements with 2 safety catches that can be adjusted before a lift. With the safety catches you will be able to help prevent injuries in the event of a failed rep. The barbell has over 13” of loadable sleeve space. Also features 2 band pegs on either side, 2 J-hooks, 8 safety positions to catch bar and 6 weight storage pegs. Unbelievable accessories for the price.  


- Weight: 265 LB
- Overall Height: 85 3/4”
- Overall Width: 66.5”
- Overall Depth: 54”
- Weight Capacity: 650 LB

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