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  • Rubber Handles with Foot Loops: Durable, comfortable non-slip design.
  • Handles made with soft rubber. 
  • The length of each handle can be adjusted separately.
  • Door Anchor: Train at home with any decent quality door and frame. Hook behind the door, close, then its ready to use.
  • Adjustable metal cam buckle: Easy and fast clip to adjust the length. 
  • Strap Extender: Lock the suspension straps to any high or large diameter anchor point.

Important notes: 

  • Choose a strong, secure anchor point that can support your body weight. The anchor point should be 7 to 9 ft. off the ground. 
  • Suitable anchor points include sturdy beams, weight racks, heavy bag mounts, railings, trees or fences. 
  • Door anchor can be used at home or for on the road use. Toss door anchor pillow over top center of door and close. Make sure door is completely closed and weight-test before using.
  • Do not use on sliding doors, glass doors or lightweight closet doors. Make sure the door cannot be pulled open without turning the door handle. 
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Suspension Bodyweight Resistance Training Set

This kit includes everything you need to set up a workout at home or away. 

Price Range:   $39.50
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