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What is a Functional Trainer?

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What is a Functional Trainer?

What is a Functional Trainer?

Fray Fitness functional trainer


Top Benefits of The Functional Trainer

Introducing to you the top of the line Fray’s Functional Trainer! This is an ultimate exercise machine that engages most of the major and smaller muscles of your body. The exercise possibilities are endless, and this machine always keeps your workout routine interesting!

This piece of gym equipment provides such a wide variety of exercises, offering many options for different types of conditioning. If you want to spice up your normal workout routine, try out the functional trainer next time you’re in the gym, and in the meantime, read up on our blog, you will want one of these by the time you’re done!

Popular Exercises with Functional Trainer

Started as rehab equipment, functional strength training became an important part of many athletes’ routines. The Functional Trainer mimics free weights. Some may argue that it can’t beat the free weights due to its load limit, but quite honestly, nothing can work those minor muscles like this machine by perfectly stabilizing them.

Different attachments help with focusing on the specific muscles. Most of the exercises can be performed with D-grip handles. Fray’s Functional Trainer comes with two D-grip handles. These handles alone offer so much more to your usual workout regime.

The long and short bar is straight and acts like a barbell. Tricep rope is another great attachment, as it allows you to perform a large variety of tricep extensions and bicep curls, as well as abdominal crunches. Next, the EZ curl bar is a contoured bar often used for bicep curls and reverse grip curls. Another attachment is an ankle cuff, that is used around your ankle used for glute workouts and hip and hamstring strengthening.

Fray’s Functional Trainer conveniently includes extra strong and thick pulleys. Don’t overlook the classic pull-up. The multi-joint exercise is easy on the joints and can target specific muscles depending on the angle. 

Happy Functional Strength Training!

With functional strength training, you can easily complete your daily fitness requirements. The Fray Fitness model is a commercial-grade unit consisting of 198-pound dual weight stacks. This functional trainer is solidly constructed with industrial-grade strength 11 gauge steel throughout. The pulley system provides an extremely smooth glide up and down. It is a quick-adjust pulley system with 19 different adjustment slots. You are also able to perform pull-ups and chin-ups with the pull-up bar.